abounding with wildlife and natural beauty

The Mendocino County Coast abounds with wildlife and natural beauty. And the land around St. Orres shares in its richness. Nearly every day our meadows are graced by foraging deer and if you listen, in the spring and summer you can hear the distinctive chirp of ospreys as they fly overhead. If you're lucky, you may even see one coming in from the ocean carrying its fresh catch or a branch for its nest. The forest behind us is host to wild turkeys, bobcats and fox. Wild mushrooms and huckleberries proliferate seasonally. The ocean is home to abalone, sea urchins (the "uni" in sushi bars), salmon, dungeness crab and ling cod. River otters play in our local streams and feast on steelhead and trout. The banks and fields around them are home to egrets and cranes. The rocks off our coast are full of sea lions and harbor seals and many of our beaches are birthing grounds for their pups every spring. From late September through much of November and then again from March to May, gray whales migrate up and down the coast and often frolic in our coves. This is truly a magical place.

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